Your Diligence Will Sought You Out (2)

My Daily Covenant with God Devotional
Devotion for Wednesday January 16, 2019
Topic: Your Diligence Will Sought You Out (2)
Text: Genesis 39:20 – 23
Joseph maintained his diligence in prison also. Going to prison did not reduce that virtue in him. Some people would have concluded that there is no need being good and diligent if they were in Joseph’s shoes having passed through all the trouble that came to him. They would have started compromising because their dreams have not come to pass. But it wasn’t so with Joseph. Rather he chose to fear God and live a Godly life in every situation he finds himself not minding that his dreams seem to have faded away. He brought his diligence and Godly life to bear in his activities at the prison. He didn’t pretend or hide his true identity. He demonstrated his religion which affected all around him and all he came in contact with.
The Prison Guard noticed him and sought him out (Genesis 39:21). God’s favour was upon him. Family Bible Notes says that “No evils which men can inflict can shut out the presence and favor of God from those who trust in him; and a servant in a dungeon may be happier than a king on his throne. Though he may suffer for righteousness’ sake, in due time he will be delivered, and his sorrow turned into joy.” Do not let people’s judgment about you dampen your enthusiasm for righteousness and holiness. Do not betray your faith in Christ because you feel you are being punished wrongly. It may be a stepping stone into greatness. When you maintain your diligence in your marriage, office, prison, market, business, etc., as a Christian, God will certainly sought you out for greatness among your fellows.
Food for Thought: Diligence in our service and endeavour is for our good than the people we serve.
Memory verse: Genesis 39:22
Prayer: My God and my Father, make me more diligent because it is for my own good in Jesus name.

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