Your Diligence Will Sort You Out (1): Devotion for Thursday May 28, 2020


Devotion for Thursday May 28, 2020

Topic: Your Diligence Will Sort You Out (1)        

Text: Genesis 39:1 – 6                                   

Beloved, our enemies may strip us of outward distinctions and ornaments; but wisdom and grace cannot be taken from us. The enemies may separate us from friends, relatives, and country; but they cannot take from us the presence of the Lord. They may shut us from outward blessings, rob us of liberty, and confine us in dungeons; but they cannot shut us out from communion with God, from the throne of grace, or take from us the blessings of salvation (Genesis 37:31 – 36).

Have your enemies robbed you of your distinction? Never mind, God’s presence, favour is still with you and that will make the difference in your life. Just be diligent and leave the rest for God. At the appropriate time, His grace will work out your salvation and deliverance.

Joseph was blessed and God’s presence was with him even in the house of slavery. He was diligent not minding what he had passed through. This singled him out in the house of Potiphar. It was Joseph diligence that made him a sort out in another country where he was a mere slave.

Many of us usually complain about our environment not being conducive enough to practice our Christian faith. We complain about the people we work with, our boss, our neighbourhood, our pastor, our Bible study leader, etc, thus using such as excuse to fail in our duties. Thus many have left their God-given talent because they see everything around them as not conducive.

Joseph has proved to us that we can thrive more in an environment that may not be conducive. Daniel and his Hebrew brethren have also proved to us that we can thrive in an environment that may seem not to be conducive. Arise, O Child of God! God is with you in that environment. Shine for Him!

Food for Thought: Our diligence is noticed and appreciated when we practice it in environment that seems not to be conducive.

Memory verse: Genesis 39:3

Prayer: Lord God, help me to be diligent no matter where I may be because that is the only way I will be sought out by you and men in Jesus name.

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