You Will Return: Devotion for Saturday July 4, 2020



Devotion for Saturday July 4, 2020

Topic: You Will Return         

Text: Isaiah 10:20 – 23                          

God keeps to His words. All over the scripture, He fulfilled all His promises except when we fail to keep our own part of the covenant. He promises are like two sides of the coin, where He honours one side while the person to receive the promise honours the other side. When He told the Israelites, at the bank of Red Sea that the Egyptians they are seeing they will see no more. It was as if it is something very impossible to happen. But God was true to His word.

Here in our text for the day is the assurance that the remnant in exile will return to their Promised Land. Those who remained faithful to God despite the horrors of the invasion are called the remnant. Once Assyria’s army was destroyed, a small group of God’s people would stop relying on Assyria and start trusting God (Isaiah 10:20). This remnant would be but a fraction of Israel’s former population: see Ezra 2:64-65.

Have your life been battered by evil, sickness, sin, etc.? God is promising you that you will return to the position of good health, prosperity, progress, knowledge of God, etc.   

In spiritual terms, the key to being a part of the remnant was faith in Christ Jesus. These remnants are those that will be raptured to be with the Lord. Being a descendant of Abraham, living in the Promised Land, having trusted God at one time, none of these were good enough.

Beloved, are you relying on your Christian heritage, the fellowship you attend, the church you belong, the rituals of worship, or your past experience to qualify you for belonging to God’s family? These will not count. The key to being a true Christian is faith in Christ Jesus. Are you truly born again? 

Food for Thought: Will you be among those that will return to God when the rapture takes place?

Memory verse: Isaiah 10:21

Prayer: Lord God, always keep me ready for the kingdom till the day you will rapture your saints or till the day of my death

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