To Fulfill The Law

Devotion for Sunday January 13, 2019
Topic: To Fulfill The Law
Text: Matthew 5:17 – 20
A proverbial saying of the Igbos has it that “the rat does not fall from the roof of the house. Something is pursuing it.” For Jesus to stand and make the assertion in our text today shows that He has been accused of breaking the law. The four gospels of the scripture have records of these accusations. Unfortunately, these accusations are unfounded. Some were just ways aimed to trap Jesus and misinterpretation of the law (See Matthew 12:1 – 12).
Jesus actually came to fulfill the law hence He subjected Himself to it by dying for the sake of the sin of the world which He took upon Himself (Ezekiel 18:4). Christ did not come to bring any new way of righteousness and salvation into the world, but indeed to fulfil that which was shadowed by the Law; by delivering men through grace from the curse of the Law. He also came to teach the true use of obedience and to engrave in our hearts the power for obedience.
Jesus had to make this fact straight not just for the Pharisees but for us, the present day readers and Christians because He is our model and we should emulate Him (Ephesians 5:1). We should follow His example and that is the best way to please God and serve Him as expected. How obediently are you applying the grace of God?
Food for Thought: Romans 3:31
Memory verse: Matthew 5:17
Prayer: Our Father in heaven, grant me the grace to follow the example of Christ in obedience to the law in Jesus name

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