The Obsessive Know It All: Devotion for Friday July 10, 2020



Devotion for Friday July 10, 2020

Topic: The Obsessive Know It All             

Text: Proverbs 1:1 – 9                              

We can easily spot the obsessive know-it-all by the way he or she dodges all possibility of admitting wrong. This person will use his or her knowledge to impress others using words that people won’t understand just to have the satisfaction of seeing them concede his or her superior knowledge. People like this are the ones that everyone tries to avoid at social gatherings.

Know-it-alls may have a great deal of knowledge, but they usually have little wisdom and do not fear God. This is one problem with the elites and learned people in our society. Do you have such in your neighbourhood? Solomon called this kind of person a fool (Proverbs 1:7).

Much of what we know has no connection to how wise we are; for example, a very brilliant lawyer can live a foolish life. Truly wise people know their knowledge is not complete and go to God for wisdom and more knowledge. All that we know are gifts from God for use in serving Him and others. Therefore, we should use our knowledge with humility.

Beloved, we shouldn’t act like an obsessive know-it-all, even if you have a lot of knowledge. Remember that all knowledge and wisdom come from God. We should be humble enough and give Him the glory through the knowledge!

Food for Thought: Do you act as know-it-all? It is a spirit of pride?

Memory verse: Proverbs 1: 7

Prayer: Lord, grant me the humble spirit to fear you and depend on you for wisdom no matter the knowledge I have acquired.

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