The Lord Remembers Us: Devotion for Tuesday June 2, 2020



Devotion for Tuesday June 2, 2020 

Topic: The Lord Remembers Us                

Text: 1 Samuel 1: 19 – 27                                

There is no condition we pass through in life that God is not aware of and He always plans ways of escape or ways of solving our problems for us. Most times because of our impatience, we miss out in His plans thinking He is inconsiderate to our needs. It is not always true. When God delays our blessings or devil stands against our blessings, when it is finally released, it will become a great blessing for us and our generation.

God remembered Hannah (1 Samuel 1:19). The remembrance led to one of the greatest prophets of Israel. Though God seem to forget our burdens, troubles, cares, and prayers, yet He will at length ensure that He meets our need so that we will be sure we are not out of His mind. As God remembered Hannah, so He will remember you and solve that lingering problem in Jesus name. 

Blessings obtained of God in answer to prayer should be promptly and gratefully acknowledged, and measures be taken to keep His goodness in perpetual remembrance. Hannah acknowledged God’s manifold blessings (1 Samuel 1:24 – 27). She did not even withhold the child as she promised. For this singular act, God blessed her with more children (1 Samuel 2:21). This shows that when we give God what is due to Him or what we have vowed, He will bless us the more. Have you made any vow to God? Endeavour to fulfill them because it is a way of attracting more blessing upon your life.

Food for Thought: When God remembers us, it makes the difference in what we finally become in life           

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 1:19

Prayer: Lord God, remember me as you remembered Hannah and bless me with the desires of my heart.  2. Today pray for all the women having delay in conception that God will remember them as He remembered Hannah.

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