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Daily Insight – Do Your Best All The Time For Someone Is Watching

Dear friends, never think in your mind that you are only doing well to your employer by being dedicated and committed to duty. In fact, you are doing yourself more good than your employer when you are dedicated to duty. Unfortunately, many people do not have such understanding. When we have the understanding, we will realise that they are much advantages in it more than what we think we would lose by being committed and dedicated to duty.
Sometime ago, a prospective couple came to me for pre-marital counselling. The man, Awele was a young entrepreneur while the lady, Ngozi was a banker. When I asked how they met and what attracted them to one another, the man was the first to speak and he said, “Each time I come into the banking hall, her commitment and dedication toward her job were outstanding. She takes her work as if it is her personal business. After I had observed her for some time, it dawn on me that she is such a responsible woman that can be a good wife and make a good home. I book a date with her and from there it all started.”
When that lady was busy in her job, she never knew that somebody was watching her. All she had in mind was how to be her best in her job and find satisfaction in it. At the end, she found more than satisfaction. She found love, a good home and a lovely husband.
There is another story I shared in my book MY RISE TO LEGENDARY STATUS. It was the story of a woman, Chioma who works in CITY DELIGHT CENTRE, a place where they sale drinks, roasted meat (suya), sharwama, and pepper soup. Any time she is on duty, the centre makes more money because of the way she welcomes and attends to customers. Most of the customers noticed her dedication to duty; her commitment, her services and ways of attending to customers and some approached her with the request to withdraw her from there to their businesses with double salary of what she was receiving but severally she refused and for five consecutive years, the CITY DELIGHT CENTRE kept increasing her salary to ward off offers from other places. To her, it was not the salary that kept her there but the privilege to mentor people and make friends.
Dear brothers and sisters, as you start this week, give yourself more to your work. Don’t think that the work you are employed to do belong to someone else and therefore you can behave the way you like. The best way to find joy and peace in your work is to see that job/business as your job or business. Until you begin to see the job you do as your personal job, you won’t give yourself more to it and you can never find satisfaction in it.
The Chioma I mentioned earlier, saw the CITY DELIGHT CENTRE as her personal business and she benefited so much from the goodwill of people towards her more than the salary she receives (You need to read that book – MY RISE TO LEGENDARY STATUS). Use your job as a teacher, lecturer, doctor, nurse, waiter, pastor, sales representative, etc to mentor people. Make positive impact on them and you will never regret it.
As you go out to your personal business or job as an employee, ensure you do your best all the time because someone is watching you. You may not immediately reap the benefits of your commitment and dedication to duty but certainly, a day of reckoning is at hand. God will remember and reward you accordingly. ALWAYS BE THE BEST YOU CAN ALWAYS AND IN THE DAYS AHEAD.

Your Friend,
© May, 2019