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The Assurance Of Salvation

Devotion for Tuesday June 5, 2018 Sing SS&S 873 Topic: The Assurance Of Salvation Text: 1 John 5: 1 – 5  From our bible reading, we can understand that John had a challenge that some Christians sometimes doubt their salvation and he decided to address the problem in this epistle. …

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Jesus, Our Advocate

MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD DEVOTIONAL Devotion for Saturday April 8, 2017 Topic: Jesus, Our Advocate Text: 1 John 2:1 An Advocate is someone who supports or speaks in favour of something. An advocate is someone who acts or intercedes on behalf of another. Advocate is legal representative of somebody …

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Price of Godliness (Imprisonment 2)

MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD DEVOTIONAL Devotion for Friday March 31, 2017                 Topic: Price of Godliness (Imprisonment 2) Text: Act 4:1 – 4 When you have a message from God and preach it raw as received, there is every tendency it will hurt some people and puncture their ego. …

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Don’t Be Intimidated

MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD DEVOTIONAL Devotion for Monday March 27, 2017 Topic: Don’t Be Intimidated Text: Acts 4:23 – 31           Sometimes we may exercise boldness and courage over issues but when we leave there, people may talk fear into us and discourage us. When Peter and John got back …

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