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Our Deeds Are Never Forgotten

My Daily Covenant with God Devotional Devotion for Saturday January 12 2019 Topic: Our Deeds Are Never Forgotten Text: Esther 6:1 – 11 I have once shared a story how a man came to show gratitude for what my dad did for him when he was in Primary School. This …

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They Tested Him

Devotion for Thursday August 10, 2017 Topic: They Tested Him Text: Matthew 16:1 – 4 The sect of Pharisees and Sadducees were opposed to each other in principles and in conduct; yet they joined forces against Christ. They had to put aside all their differences because they wanted to test …

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Do You Desire Favour?

MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD DEVOTIONAL Devotion for Monday June 12, 2017 Topic: Do You Desire Favour? Text: Proverbs 11:27 Many people don’t know how to court God’s favour. Living Bible translated this verse thus: “If you search for good you find God’s favour; if you search for evil, you …

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