About Battle for Life – How wife gave all to save husband

This book is the story of love, life and death. It is the story of God’s redeeming, yet invisible hand of favour and deliverance. It is the story of betrayal and abandonment by the most needed. Yet the account also drops with uncommon love, devotion, and determination. It tells of a wife’s resolve to save her husband’s life at a great risk to her own life amidst intense persecution and rejection. As in every battle, you will find allies and foes in varying degrees of passions and indifferences. The story culminated in celebration; the victory of life over death, faith over fear, love over hatred and good over evil.

Rev Morgan Molokwu now Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma, an Anglican priest in the prime of his marriage and full time ministry is afflicted with renal failure, a terminal condition that only a costly and uncertain kidney transplant surgery could cure. The funds are not easy to come by, at least not immediately. A kidney donor is not readily available. Divine healing without surgery is not forthcoming despite the couple’s faith. The book tells of the long search for funds, the hospital referrals, visits to healing churches, the sourcing of the donor kidney and the agonizing wait even as the patient’s health deteriorates. He literally died but now he lives again.



The Key to Blissful Marriage is a timely expose on the essence of marriage as ordained by God and the man-made distortions which threaten the divinely intended bliss. Writing from the vintage position of a happily married Anglican priest, Tabugbo Uzoma unequivocally asserts that God originated marriage as an inseparable union of a man and woman for mutual comfort, companionship and procreation.

He highlights the various types of marriage and zeros in on Christian marriage as God’s intended ideal. He confronts some of the traditional views of marriage which seeks to relegate the woman to second-class position of sex partner and baby machine. The book gives considerate attention to causes and consequences of marital problems and proffers some time tested tips for attainment of blissful marriage. There is a long list or dos and don’ts for both the men and the woman. Tabugbo also cites some causes of infidelity and the way out of the joy killer.

Drawing on his experience and his wife sacrificial commitment, the author notes that blissful marriage does not just happen. It is the product of concerted and consistent effort. He urges the married and intending couples to rededicate themselves to the ideals of marriage as God intended. He also admonishes the church to play a more proactive role to save the institution of marriage.


About My Rise to Legendary Status: A Fable Teaching the Concept of G.R.I.P.

Thanks for the privilege given to me to be part of this success story. The book is a masterpiece – Mrs Augusta E. Oghene PhD who wrote the Foreword

This book has thoughts of wisdom and knowledge of inspiration to build, develop and equip ministers of the gospel to fulfill their calling – Rev Canon Sunday Anene Mejulu

This book is a classic. I was highly impressed with what I read in it – Chief Samuel A. Molokwu

This book is full of golden nuggets for living. Time spent reading it would not be time wasted- Rev Paul Okwuobi

My Rise to Legendary Status is a fable used in teaching some major life lessons that will help transform personal and family life, and businesses. It is the story of Chibuzor Chukwuemeka, an engineer, who opted to be a priest and had just finished his training in readiness for ordination before the devil struck. His Bishop refused to ordain him with his mates and placed him under suspension and probation for 2 years, which led him into a state of hopelessness and depression.

However, Ven. Emeka Chima, a senior priest in his Diocese volunteered to rehabilitate him within 2 years of suspension and probation. Under him, Chibuzor had series of training on the concept of G. R. I. P. which propelled him out of the state of hopelessness, despair and depression to a state of legendary, a genius and an icon. He rose to become a household name in Nigeria and many other parts of the world, and winning awards from different organizations and institutions. The book affirms that no matter how bad things are today, that does not mean that our tomorrow won’t be better if only we can face our fears and challenge them squarely. 

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The Basic Issues and Challenges Before Christians is a book which shows most of the issues and challenges Christians have to contend with in their journey towards heaven. Christ came into this world and set example for Christians on how best to live in the world and please the Father in heaven. He then charged His Disciples and would be disciples to follow His example. This has been a herculean task even in the days of Israelite nation. They had so many things to contend with. Some lifestyle of people around them were enticing to them which led them into idolatry. In same manner, the world Christians live in today is also enticing them into living ungodly life. 

There are many issues they have to contend with like the issue of gay, challenge from other religions, injustice and corruption in the society and many more. Thus in this book, Tabugbo Uzoma states the call of Christians; the call into specific ministry, the signs of babe in the Christian faith, the signs of those who are matured in the Christian faith and the basic issues and challenges before Christians. The book speaks about the need for Christians to make a distinction between them and the non-Christians. The book cautions that falling out of the faith takes a gradual process whereby you will assume that you are standing and still in faith, when you have already started falling. It noted that backsliding in faith does not come in one day. The book cautions that when there is a drop in your prayer or study life, you should ask yourself certain questions. Do not feel that it is normal and nothing is wrong. It is only today that I did not pray or read my Bible. After all, God understands. God doesn’t understand that way. 

The book charges Christians to imitate Jesus Christ who for the joy that was set before Him endured all the ridicule, shame, insult, abuse and torture to become Christ. We should bear whatever challenge that is before us or we are passing through now, for it will certainly bring forth for us the reward that God had purposed forth us. Christians should be determined and fully charged to avenge all that the enemy had denied them and reclaim their rights in their father’s house becoming an over-comer through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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