Release God’s Blessings To Rest Upon You

My Daily Covenant with God Devotional
Devotion for Saturday January 19, 2019
Topic: Release God’s Blessings To Rest Upon You
Text: Ezekiel 44:28 – 31
Our bible passage for today makes reference to priests. They are God’s inheritance and possession (Ezekiel 44:28). What God meant here is that they shall have their maintenance from Him, that is, from the offerings and first-fruits which He ASSIGNED TO THEM. This instruction here is from Numbers 18:20 – 24. Thus God gave the instruction that other Israelites should take care of them and He also gave them (the priests) instruction on the kind of offering they are to eat from. The essence of these instructions is to make the priest concentrate on the work assigned to them. Again it was to help the priest live above reproach. God required the people to give the very best of their offering to the priest. The effect of giving the best is to cause a blessing to rest on their (Israelites) houses.
Our memory verse teaches us what God wants us to do in this regard. When these instructions were issued, the first recipients were farmers who harvest seasonally. But most of the present day Christians are civil/public servants, business men and women. On our path, God requires us to set aside our tithes to support His work and priests. We should also make provision for their comfort. Unfortunately, most priests have abused this honour and it started long ago (remember the sons of Samuel) but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our duties toward the genuine ones. They need your support. Supporting them will bring more blessings upon you. A friend once told me that some pastors have abused his goodwill so he has channeled his support to other less privileged people. This is also another way to cause blessings upon your family.
Action: If you don’t have any plan of helping priests and church work, draw a plan today and start up something. Ask God to direct you on the best way to do it
Memory verse: Ezekiel 44:30
Prayer: God, as I help your priests, may I never lose my reward. Cause more blessings upon me in Jesus name. Amen.

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