Please Be The Judge: Devotion for Thursday May 21, 2020



Devotion for Thursday May 21, 2020

Topic: Please Be The Judge

Text: Isaiah 5: 1 – 7                                      

Our bible passage for today is an imagery God used to teach the nation of Israel and by extension we the readers of today about our unfaithfulness despite the enormous grace and mercies we have received from Him.

God used the imagery of a vineyard at a very good place, fertile enough to produce good fruits (Isaiah 5:1, 2). All that was needed to make the vineyard were provided (Isaiah 5:2). Unfortunately and regrettably too, the vineyard produce the opposite of what God expected. Instead of good grapes, it produced wild grapes that were not useful.  

The lesson of the song of the vineyard shows that God’s chosen nation was to bear fruit—to carry out his work, to uphold justice. It did bear the fruit, but the fruit was bad. This passage uses plays on words: the Hebrew words for justice and bloodshed sound very much alike, as do those for righteousness and oppression. The hurt friend (God) now directs rhetorical questions to the people of Judah, asking them to judge whether He is guilty of neglecting them.

God often condemns sinners “out of their own mouth” (Deuteronomy 32:6; 2 Samuel 12:1-6; Job 15:6; Luke 19:22; Romans 3:4). Jesus gave us insight on how to identify someone by his or her fruit in Matthew 7:20. Have you examined your own “fruit” lately? Is it good or bad, useful or wild? If what you found is the opposite of what is expected, take action today. Amend your ways and begin to live righteously. God bless you!

Food for Thought: Are the fruit mention in Galatians 5:22 and 23 the kind you bear as a Christian.

Memory verse: Isaiah 5:3

Prayer: Almighty God, as you have invested so much on me, help me to make return equal to what you have invested in me in Jesus name.

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