Mysteries about Life: Devotion for Friday August 14, 2020


Devotion for Friday August 14, 2020

Topic: Mysteries about Life                                    

Text: Ecclesiastes 10:4 – 11                  

In our bible reading for today, Solomon cautions that we shouldn’t to seek redress neither in a hasty manner nor to yield to pride and revenge. Do not, in a passion, quit your post of duty; wait awhile, and you will find that yielding pacifies great offences (Ecclesiastes 10:4).

He also posited that men are not preferred according to their merit (Ecclesiastes 10:5 – 7). These verses show that life is full of mysteries. The error (Ecclesiastes 10:5) consists in exalting the mean and unworthy into offices. Do we have such in our present day political, religious and traditional offices?

Family Bible Notes noted that “The elevation of unworthy men to offices of power and trust is a heavy calamity to the people. Whether it proceeds from their rulers, or, as in the case of free governments, from themselves, the result will be corruption, misrule, and misery.” This quotation is very true of our present day society especially in our clime.

Naturally, riding on horses belongs to the princes and not servants. When it is the opposite, it becomes a mystery. We have seen these things happen. One easily recalls the case of Mordecai and Haman. Mordecai was a war captive and mere gateman while Haman was a very high profiled personal assistant or adviser to the king. It was God who humbled Haman. Who would have believed that Haman would ever guide Mordecai on top of a horse?

The lesson for us here is that no condition is permanent in life. Life is full of mysteries and challenges. Therefore, do not boast about your present position/situation. We should know and note that wisdom is profitable in all things. The challenges, dangers and difficulties of life are many; but with wisdom we shall overcome.         

Foods for Thought: No condition is permanent in life. Therefore be humble wherever you may find yourself.

Memory verse: Ecclesiastes 10 v 7

Prayer: God, grant me understanding that life is full of mysteries and that there is no condition that is permanent.

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