Making Wrong Choice in Marriage: Devotion for Sunday April 19, 2020



Devotion for Sunday April 19, 2020

Text: Making Wrong Choice in Marriage                

Text: 1 Kings 11:1 – 8

Many of us spend so much time in prayer asking for God’s blessings upon our lives but I wonder if we actually ask God for wisdom in managing these blessings when He gives them to us. Inability to manage God’s blessings can mar us.  

The story of Solomon, a man of wisdom marrying 700 wives is an instance of depravity recorded in the Bible. The choice you make in life matters so much in what you finally become. Solomon made wrong choice in marriage simply because he felt he has fame and money therefore he can use them without discretion.

Biblical marriage is source of happiness in life and the neglect or violation of biblical marriage is a source of many of the most direful evils which most men are exposed to. Solomon was wrong by going for more than one wife, going to marry from other nations which God prohibited them from taking wives and adding 300 concubines.

This is how many people have made wrong choices in marriage by going for the hand of the women God didn’t keep for them. The strange women succeeded in introducing Solomon to their gods. These turned his heart from the Almighty God. Wrong choices in marriage can mar our relationship with God. Therefore, for those who are single, they should be careful on the decisions they make. Don’t go against God’s standard or else you will pay dearly for it.

Food for Thought: No man is wise enough by himself.

Memory verse: Deuteronomy 17:17

Prayer: Lord, grant unto the singles the wisdom to make right choices concerning their marriages in Jesus name.

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