Live Above Taunting: Devotion for Monday June 1, 2020


Devotion for Monday June 1, 2020   

Topic: Live Above Taunting         

Text: 1 Samuel 1:9 – 18                                 

Taunting can demoralize us for some time when we take it to heart but it should not deter us from living our lives and becoming what we dream of in life. The taunting from Peninnah made Hannah sad that she lost appetite but her husband consoled her and encouraged her to eat (1 Samuel 1:8). Thereafter, the taunting led her into prayer.

She went into prayers after she would have considered the taunting by asking, why should I be angry? Why will I fret over what Peninnah said? Does being angry bring any good to me? Instead of binding the burden upon myself, I had better easy off by praying and casting it upon the Lord. These motivated her into pray and thus she overcame the taunting from Peninnah (1 Samuel 1:10). Is there any lesson for us in the action Hannah took against Peninnah’s taunting? In the bitterness of her soul Hannah prayed and went ahead to back her request with a vow (1 Samuel 1:11). This may have challenged God to answer her speedily.

From the way Hannah treated the challenge and taunting from her mate there are lessons for us.

(1) We shouldn’t waste all our time that should be used for something meaningful in replying our critics and accusers. Rather we should use it to improve ourselves and thus put them to shame.

(2) The taunting and critics from our enemies should inspire us to draw closer to God the more. What Peninnah did made Hannah a prayer warrior. She had no time to reply her but she cast the problem to God because He is the one that solves all problem.

(3) We should occasionally make vows to back up our request as Hannah did.

(4) We should believe God for an answer after praying.

In this new month, as your set aside taunting from the enemies and undermine your critics to improve yourself, God will so bless you and surprise them in Jesus name. Have a fruitful and rewarding month!

Food for Thought: We are the ones that can make taunting relevant when we let it deny us living our lives as we ought to.

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 1:10   

Prayer: Lord, let not the taunting against my life deny me from becoming what you want me to be in Jesus name.

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