Jesus, Our Advocate

Devotion for Saturday April 8, 2017
Topic: Jesus, Our Advocate
Text: 1 John 2:1
An Advocate is someone who supports or speaks in favour of something. An advocate is someone who acts or intercedes on behalf of another. Advocate is legal representative of somebody as in lawyers.  An Advocate pleads, mediates (1Timothy 2:5) and intercedes on behalf of his client. In legal terms, he represents and speaks on behalf of his client in court.
John used this legal term to explain the role Jesus Christ plays for us in the presence of His Father. The great object which John wrote to them was that they should not sin; and yet if they sinned, and were conscious that they were guilty before God, they should not despair. Rather they should confess and repent of their sins because they have an Advocate with the Father who is a propitiation for the sins of the world (1 John 2:1 & 2).
John also asserts that we shouldn’t take it as delight to continue living is sin. Unfortunately, this is common among some Christians today. Some wilfully commit sin because we have an advocate. Remember that God is also a consuming fire. As our “advocate,” Christ is not a mere suppliant petitioner. He pleads for us on the ground of justice, or righteousness, as well as mercy (see yesterday’s devotion: He pleads with the Father not to withdraw His love because we may have been betrayed into sin.
Beloved, have you been betrayed into sinning and you are now feeling guilty and condemned? John offers reassurance that God will forgive you for the sake of our advocate who is the only propitiation for our sins. Go to God in prayer now.
Food for Thought: What will be our condition without Jesus?
Memory verse: 1 Timothy 2:5
Prayer: Grant me the grace, O Lord, not to wilfully sin against you in Jesus name. Amen

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