Hosanna In The Highest

Devotion for Palm Sunday April 9, 2017
Topic: Hosanna In The Highest
Text: Mark 11:1 – 11
During the celebration of Passover festival, Jews usually come to Jerusalem from all over the Roman world for this week-long celebration to remember the great exodus from Egypt (Exodus 12:37-51). It was on the Sunday preceding the festival, that Jesus entered Jerusalem as a King. Many in the crowds had heard of or seen Jesus and were hoping he would come to the Temple (John 11:55-57). He eventually came, not as a warring king on a horse or on a chariot, but as a gentle and peaceable King on a donkey’s colt (Zechariah 9:9). Thus with this entry, Jesus declared His Kingship and Messiahship. Unfortunately, some people misunderstood it.
The tumultuous crowd shouted “Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Hosanna simple means “save now” or “save, we pray!” This was the cry of the multitudes as they thronged in our Lord’s triumphal procession into Jerusalem. Some of these Jews were merely shouting Hosanna because others were shouting. Some others were shouting because they were indeed expecting a Messiah. These two groups were there.
Today, some of us shout Hosanna from our hearts while some others shout without believing what they are saying. Paul says that salvation is near our mouth (Romans 10:8-9). The confession you make, is it out of a sincere heart or just to fulfil all righteousness because you are in the crowd? Remember that our relationship and dealings with God are based on faith.
Food for Thought: Do you mean the hosanna you shout or you do it to fulfill all righteousness?
Memory verse: Mark 11 verse 9
Prayer: Lord, let what I believe be same and true with my confession in Jesus name. Amen.

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