Graves of Greediness: Devotion for Wednesday August 12, 2020



Devotion for Wednesday August 12, 2020

Topic: Graves of Greediness                  

Text: Numbers 11:31 – 34                        

In our devotion of yesterday, we saw how God handled the complaint of Moses by putting His spirit into 70 men who were made his assessors in the government.

Today, we read how God answered to the complaint of the people by giving them meat to eat. As they were eating the meat, the anger of God aroused against them. He sent plagues on them which killed many of them. God may in wrath give men what they desire, to show them and others the wickedness and folly of wishing to have their own way, and refusing to be guided and governed by Him. The death of many there as a result of the plague made Moses to call the place Kibroth Hattaavah, meaning “the graves of greediness.”

Brethren, it is often better for us when we accept ‘NO’ from God as we make our requests. A young Christian sister was looking for job. She heard of job opportunity somewhere and she fasted and prayed for that particular job because she was very much interested in it due to juicy allowances attached to it. God refused to grant her request. She kept persisting and God finally let her have her way. The job denied this lady time for God again. At last she backslid and one day on her way to keep appointment for the company she died on road accident within 2 years of getting that job.

This is similar in marriage, fruit of the womb, etc. God knows the best for us. We should always allow Him to have His way or we should better learn to obey and be submissive to Him.      

Food for Thought: Romans 1:24, 26

Memory verse: Numbers 11:34

Prayer: Lord, grant me the grace to accept your verdict about my life in Jesus name.

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