God’s Mercy Is Indispensable

Devotion for Friday April 7, 2017
Topic: God’s Mercy Is Indispensable  
Text: Psalm 6:1 – 2
When Moses demanded for God’s glory, He responded with the words in Exodus 33:19 which Paul quoted in Romans 9:15. Mercy in this context is compassion, kindness or forgiveness shown someone you have power over. It doesn’t come out of our strength or goodness rather it is a free gift that comes from God.
If there is anything we need as Christians, it is goodness and mercies of God. Those who know its importance say it as prayers every day. Mercy blots away our sins, protects, provides, guides and guards us. It is important we learn how to ask for God’s mercy any time we come into His presence. It is the best way to approach God. Think of it, when we are in transit, in prison, in exams, in office, at home, in hopeless situations, in need, in plenty, even in the church, etc, we need mercies of God.
If we hope to succeed we should understand the place of mercies of God in our lives. As a student, civil/public servant, business man/woman, military or Para-military personnel, husband, wife or whatever we do, do you plead for God’s mercy. All of us need it. Therefore we should retire ourselves to God because all things come from Him. Always cry to Him for mercy and out of His fountain of all good things He will spring it out for you.
Food for Thought: God’s mercy breaks every barrier and grants favours that we need.
Memory verse: Psalm 6 verse 2
Prayer: Grant, O Lord that your mercies will not depart from me and my family in Jesus name.

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