God Saves in Various Ways: Devotion for Friday May 22, 2020



Devotion for Thursday May 21, 2020

Topic: God Saves In Various Ways

Text: 1 Samuel 19:11 – 17                         

There is no limit to what our God can do and who or what He can use to fulfill His will and purposes, and to save us from evil and danger. When Balaam didn’t hear His word, He used his donkey to speak to him (Numbers 22:27 – 34).

The story of David and Goliath is well known to us. God used a small stone to humiliate him for blasphemy and reproach on God of Israel. Since David killed Goliath, the Philistine giant and champion, Saul became his avowed enemy occasioned by envy and jealousy. He tried every opportunity that comes his way to kill David.

In our bible reading for the day is another design of mischief by Saul to kill David. When David had escaped the javelin (1 Samuel 19:10), Saul sent some of his guards after him to lay wait at the door of his house, and to assassinate him in the morning as soon as he stirred out (1 Samuel 19:11). What was his wrong? God anointed him King to replace Saul. David did not ask God to make him king. It was God’s decision which no man can overturn. Hence He is always out to save Him. Are there lessons for us here especially when we are persecuted as we live and work according to the will of God or to accomplish God’s assignment for us? 

“God moves in a mysterious in His ways, His wonders to perform” so says a songwriter, William Cowper. Instead of Jonathan and Michal taking side with their father Saul to attack David who was a clear favourite to succeed their father, they pitched their tent with David. This was an act of God. See Proverbs 16:7

Because David’s way pleased God, He turned the heart of Saul’s children to love him. It is my desire and prayer that God will use those who speak evil about you and those who hate you to save, help, deliver, promote and bless you in Jesus name. As God used Michal to save David, so He will use someone to help and save you today.

Food for Thought: “God moves in a mysterious in His ways, His wonders to perform” – William Cowper. Sing that hymn from Ancient and Modern 181.

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 19:13

Prayer: Lord, as you used Michal to save David, so I pray that you will send someone to help me in my present need in Jesus name.

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