End of Favour Seekers: Devotion for Wednesday July 15, 2020


Devotion for Wednesday July 15, 2020

Topic: End of Favour Seekers     

Text: 2 Samuel 1:11 – 16           

The story of this young Amalekite and David has some lessons for us. He had come to give David the message about the death of Saul, with the mind of getting a reward or a pat at the back. Unfortunately for him, David was not a man tolerates such acts of favour seeking and sycophancy. He used the words of his mouth to judge him. David had to put to death, the man who brought the tidings because he confessed that he murdered the king.

In ordering the execution of the Amalekite, David did not do unjustly; the Amalekite confessed to the crime. If he did as he said, he deserved to die for treason; and if he was lying to David, if indeed it were a lie, he proved that he is not reliable and should face the consequences of telling lies. Thus, David showed himself zealous for public justice, without regard to his own private interest.

Beloved, there are dangers in telling lies or running down others in a bid to gain favour. We have just seen how this young Amalekite ended. Are you a favour seeker in your office, telling stories and lies against other members of your office simply because you want to be in good books of your boss? Repent of it. There are consequences of such act. If actually you need favour from your boss, why not do it without telling lies against people. Remember, we shall be judged for every idle word that comes out of our mouth.

Food for Thought: Matthew 12:36 – But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the Day of Judgment.

Memory verse: 2 Samuel 1:16

Prayer: God, make me to be conscious of the consequences of favour seeking so I will always distance myself from it in Jesus name.

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