Effect of Pride: Devotion for Friday July 3, 2020


Devotion for Friday July 3, 2020

Topic: Effect of Pride                                  

Text: Isaiah 10: 5 – 19                          

The king of Assyria, in his pride, thought to act by his own will assuming he will have his way as usual. Most tyrants of the world are tools of Providence. The plan of God was to correct His people for their hypocrisy, and bring them nearer to Him; but that wasn’t Sennacherib’s plan. He designs to gratify his own covetousness and ambition.

The Assyrian boasts what great things he has done to other nations (Isaiah 10:8 – 11), by his own policy and power. He did not know that it was God who made him what he was, and puts the staff into his hand (Isaiah 10:5). How I wished he consulted Nebuchadnezzar. He wouldn’t have been so pompous even to the extent of referring to his exploits as of his own power.

This provoked God’s anger (Isaiah 10:12 – 15). Matthew Henry opined that “For a tool to boast or to strive against Him that formed it, would not be more out of the way, than for Sennacherib to vaunt himself against Jehovah.” God’s verdict on King of Assyria was that He shall strip him and all his princes, of their wealth, and might, and glory; and destroy his numerous armies as fire destroys things which are thrown into it (Isaiah 10:16). That was the effect of pride on Sennacherib.

Do you boast about your talent, wisdom, power or position God has given to you? Do you look down on others because you feel you are better than them? Think twice! God is God of justice. He exalts and brings down (Psalm 75:7 compare Matthew 23:12; Luke 18:14).

Food for Thought: Proverbs 29:23

Memory verse: Isaiah 10:12

Prayer: 1. My Father in heaven, may I not exalt myself because of where you have placed me or the talent you have deposited in me. 2. Grant me the spirit of humility and appreciation for what you have made me.

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