Don’t Taunt People: Devotion for Sunday May 31, 2020


Devotion for Sunday May 31, 2020

Topic: Don’t Taunt People                             

Text: 1 Samuel 1:1 – 8                             

If the devotions of a family prevail not to put an end to its divisions, yet let not the divisions put a stop to the devotions” so says Matthew Henry. Despite the hatred between Hannah and Peninnah in the family of Elkanah, it did not deter him from bringing them to the presence of God in Shiloh every year (1 Samuel 1:3). That goes to justify what Matthew Henry noted above.

Peninnah had children but Hannah had none yet and this gave Peninnah the edge over her which she used in taunting her (1 Samuel 1:6). Though Hannah had no child then, Elkanah still loved her dearly and demonstrated this openly (1 Samuel 1:4, 5). Maybe the love Elkanah had for Hannah made Peninnah to despise and taunt Hannah because of her problem. This is one major problem in polygamy.      

Deuteronomy 7:13, 14 teach that obedience to the terms of the covenant will be rewarded by fertility (in children, flocks, and agricultural produce). Conversely, barrenness to the Israelites was seen an indication of God’s displeasure against them. Under such a system of belief, barren women easily become the object of heart-rending taunts by child-producing second wives, or even neighbours (cf. Genesis 30:1-5; Luke 1:25, 57, 58). Such domestic broils are a natural result of polygamy or bigamy.

Do you taunt people because of their problems; no child, no spouse, no job, physical stature, etc? Remember you are not their God. God rose for Hannah at the end and her name is now a household name. Who hears of Peninnah today? Beware!

Food for Thought: Taunting someone is a mockery against his/her Maker.          

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 1:6

Prayer: Our God in heaven, help me never to taunt someone because of the person’s predicament, trouble or sickness in Jesus name. Pray for me as I make my birthday today

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