Daily Insight – Yes, There Will Be Problem But …

Daily Insight – Yes, There Will Be Problem But …
Are you dreaming to be successful in life? Are you thinking of becoming a legend, an icon or world-class celebrity in your chosen career? Then you should know that on your way to becoming a success, you’ll definitely face problems and you’ll get knocked down. It’s your choice if you’ll let problems crush you; provoke you or make you better. You will only lose if you give up and when you do that, you lose your dignity; your freedom, your destined success and victory to become a victim. You’re never going to give up if you ever hope to be successful in life. Never!
Therefore, I urge you this day not to be afraid of problem as you are pursuing your dream of becoming a legend. The problem that will attend your way is meant to test your resolve and commitment. They are not intended to pull you down and out of your dreams. They are there to prepare you so that when you finally succeed, you will not toy with your success.
The problem that will come your way may be in form of lack of funds, discouragement from friends and loved ones, physical attack or opposition, discouragement from self, fear of failure, doubting your ability, etc. You shouldn’t give up if you care to succeed. Get your mind fixed on the fact that if others have succeeded in doing similar thing, you will also succeed. Even if no one has succeeded in doing such thing, always tell yourself that you will be the first. Friend, congratulations because I can see you persisting and finally become successful in that your career.
I remain your fan,
Tabugbo @ Asaba, Nigeria
© October 2018

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