Daily Insight – Take your ideas to the next level

Daily Insight – Take your ideas to the next level
Ideas are common, execution is not. That’s why success is 1% idea, 99% execution.
Ideas on how to be successful are very common. When something is common in Nigeria, they say it is like sachet water which is one of the commonest things in Nigeria. Ideas, dreams and visions are as common as sachet water. People generate ideas on what to do and how to do things so as to be successful. Unfortunately, very few; a negligible few at that go to the level of execution. Sad to say that 99% of ideas people generate die natural death because they lacked willpower to execute them.
This is what makes the difference between the successful and unsuccessful people. In this month of November, you need to take your ideas and dreams to the next level. It is not just enough to generate ideas which will end at the drawing board but most importantly is the need to execute them. A young Ethiopian female entrepreneur I read her story this week said her father use to tell her that if she can conceive an idea, she can bring it to reality. In this same manner, if you can conceive an idea of how to be successful, you can execute it and become successful.
Don’t look down on your potentials. You are born an achiever. You can do it. Tell yourself that you can do it and be positive about it. There is always a way out. A popular saying has it that “where there is a will, there is a way.” Beloved, be willing! Charge yourself to move and take action. You can still do something. Don’t let that idea that just came to you this month die natural death. Take action and certainly you are on your way to success and greatness. Good luck.
Tabugbo Uzoma
© November, 2018

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