Daily Insight: Stay away from negative people

Stay away from negative people

“Have you noticed how if given 10 compliments and one negative comment, you spend most of your time dealing with that one criticism? That’s how we are hard wired. If you want to succeed, stay away from negative people.” – Billionaire Secrets

Beloved, I want you to consider this quotation. Negativity drains our life of power, talents and what we could achieve in life. This is the expression of Billionaire Secrets in the above quotation. The illustration he gave using 10 complimentary remarks and one criticism is a clear demonstration that negativity drains us if we accept it.

Who are the negative people around us? Simply put, they are your wrong critics; people who bring fear, people can’t see any good or future in you, people who complain about your determination and dedication towards achieving success and they are people who don’t understand you dreams and goals in life and they are not patient enough or ever cared to know. The negativity around us are fear, doubt, lack of willpower, every opinion, worry, anxieties and many more.

Therefore, if you desire to succeed in life, stay away from negative people and negativity. Stay away from every Dick, Tom and Harry’s opinion. Not all opinions matter in your strive for success. You must stay away from who tell you that it is impossible. Prove your talent; your innovative spirit, your ingenuity, your sagacity and audacious spirit. Prove negative people wrong by daring that talk dream of yours. Develop a never die attitude. All these are possible when you stay away from negative people.

I assure you that when you begin to stay away from negative people, you will then be on the path of success and legendary. Ask any rich person, they will definitely tell you that over 98% of people who saw them climbing the ladder of success never believed that they can make. So undermine their opinion and move on. I am waiting for you at the podium of success to congratulate you. Have a great day!


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