Daily Insight: Panacea for overcoming life’s challenge s

Daily Insight: Panacea for overcoming challenges of life by Mr Emma Okoukwu

I made a post on Facebook expressing my personal opinion by the spate of suicide in Nigeria and one of the comments from Mr Emmanuel Okoukwu got my attention. In it, he posited that the world world be a better place if people will have the the mindset that nature has made it that not all efforts must yield positive result. He asserted that with such mindset, people will develop two essential attributes/virtues that will help them overcome the problems of life. The attributes are patience and perseverance.
He wrote “The greatest challenge of today’s world is that people seek instant success by believing that every effort of theirs must yield a positive result. Much as that is our desire, nature makes it not to work like that in many cases. There is this saying I first heard from one of the late Rex Lawson’s popular tracks which goes like this: “when once you try and you don’t succeed, try, try, try again and you shall succeed”. With this mindset, you develop two very essential attributes of life: patience and perseverance. You then stop believing that every failed attempt in your life has become the end of the world, but rather, you strive harder. You may repeat what you did before or try new things. Great men and women in the past and in the present times tried many things at different times and failed before they achieved success. You know, the world only sees shining stars but forget that these stars were once covered by the clouds! This is my thought!” – Mr Emmanuel Okoukwu
Beloved, what is your mindset about life? Do you belong to the group that believes that every effort must bear anticipated fruits or else you will conclude that life is not favourable to you? Are you in the group that believes in trying, trying and trying until success is achieved? Let me remind you that there no successful man that has not met with failure and disappointment. When it happens to you, don’t think it is the first time and the end has come. No! There are still opportunities ahead of you.
If you are depressed, read biographies of people or visit a hospital and talk to some patients. You will understand that life is even favourable to you contrary to your earlier assumption. Learn the attributes of patients and perseverance. If you feel depressed, ask for my story and you will know that challenges of life is not peculiar to you.
Don’t give! There’s better option to suicide.
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