Daily Insight: Learn from the Volcanic Eruption

Daily Insight: Learn from the Volcanic Eruption
“Volcanoes are the most destructive force on earth {but the lava it produces is fertile}. But after the eruption cools, it produces the world’s most fertile soil {for great production and eventual harvest}. Learn from that. From the greatest crises of your life, will come your greatest opportunity {to become great and successful in life}. Dont focus on the crisis and miss the opportunity {it comes with}”
Beloved, welcome to Daily Insight after 2 months off. Volcanic eruption are very destructive. When it happens and takes so many lives, people usually blame those living around volcanoes but their reason for living there and refusal to leave when it gives signs of eruption is because of its products – the fertile soil.
As Volcanoes are destructive, so are many problems of life. The difference is that most problems are not as volatile as volcanoes. Therefore, when problems of life confronts us, we should prayerfully weather through it and maximize the opportunity therein. Note that there are opportunities for something great in every problem. Always look out for it.
As you start your year, be determined to challenge all your problems headlong. Don’t despair or give in rather, challenge them and you will have a testimony at the end. You can ask me if you don’t know my story.
– Tabugbo
Asaba, Nigeria
© January, 2019

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