Daily Insight for Greatness: Develop And Use Your Potentials

Daily Insight for Greatness: Develop And Use Your Potentials

Dear friends, I want you to understand that whatever you need to excel and become great has been deposited in you as potential by God waiting to be developed.

Unfortunately, many people due to ignorance fail to develop these talents. By not developing them, they have succeeded in starving their generation the benefits they would have derived from such potentials and talents.     

Please don’t do yourself and your generation a disservice by refusing to develop your God-given potentials.

God gave them to you for a purpose so that your generation will benefit from them.

Hiding your potential or not making good use of it is not only a disservice to yourself but also to God who gave them to you and your generation who ought to benefit from them.

As we begin this new month, I will encourage you to search yourself and see the areas your talent will be of great use to humanity.

Use that gift/talent for the good of the people without waiting for reward.

God gave it to you and He is the one that will reward you.

Think about this as you begin this new month. Certainly you will find more fulfilling and rewarding using that gift for the good of humanity.

Have a pleasant and rewarding month.


© August, 2020

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