Daily Insight – Choose to be happy now and always

Daily Insight – Choose to be happy now and always
Happiness is a matter of choice. You can choose to be happy or not to be happy. When you allow what people you meet regularly say or do to enter into your mind, they will determine your happiness or sadness. They will succeed in taking away your joy and they will be happy seeing you sad. Therefore, do not allow people’s opinions about you, their gossips and mockery to go into your mind. The opinion you have about yourself and that of your creator is what matters most.
As you go out into the world this day and always, be determined to make yourself happy. Let what you think about yourself be uppermost in your mind. Let your life radiate joy and laughter even if it offends others. Live it out and be appreciative of what you are even though you may not have gotten all you wanted. It is your actions that will guarantee you the happiness you want in life not that of people you will meet. So don’t let people you meet determine your mood.
Choose to be happy this day and always no matter the circumstances and you will see the kind of peace that will attend to you. You can only be successful in your life and career when you are happy with yourself, what you are now and what God said about you.
Be warned! Don’t give away your peace to other people. Always be happy and your health will blossom. I wish you a glorious week.

I am always your fan,
Tabugbo Uzoma @ Asaba, Nigeria
© October, 2018

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