Daily Insight: Be determined to deliver everyday

Daily Insight: Be determined to deliver everyday

Beloved, if you dare want to be successful in life, there are things you must understand about life. I want you to note that no matter how successful someone may be in life, he or she doesn’t wake up motivated to work everyday. “There are days when you don’t feel like doing whatever you need to do. Don’t wait for divine intervention. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to deliver, everyday, whether you feel like it or not,” so opined Billionaire Secrets.

I want you to understand that everyday is not the same. There are day you will wake up on the wrong side and will hardly want to come out of bed. However, the way you handle such day is what makes the difference between a successful man and unsuccessful man. A man who cares to succeed will pull off the weakness and unwillingness to do something meaningful; to deliver his goods and services, to meet up with appointment and meetings. An unsuccessful man will use the opportunity to procrastinate and hope that there is always tomorrow.

My dear, how do you manage the days you wake up on the other side of life? Do you see it as opportunity to satisfy the longing of your flesh or you see it as a setback on your desire to achieve your goals? The choice is yours! Remember that most successful people had similar experiences but they chose to defy the odds and work because if they don’t, many things will go wrong.

Consider these things as you wake up every morning on the other side of life. You will not be the first neither will you be the last. God bless you and your day!


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