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THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE BELIEVER: Devotion for Monday September 5, 2016

We should understand that as believers, the power of God comes into us immediately we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour (John 1:12). It is from that moment that the Holy Spirit will begin to influence our lives until we allow Him full control of our lives. Speaking in tongues is not the only sign to know if the Holy Spirit is in us. It is the fruit we bear (Galatians 522 & 23). Is the Holy Spirit in control of your life or you are still living in the flesh?

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ABOUT FIRST FRUIT HARVEST: Devotion for Sunday September 4, 2016

It makes us responsible to God who made us, gave us those blessings and to the less privileged ones; the strangers, the priests, the widows, etc, that we have around us. It is also a way of sowing seeds for a better and a greater harvest. How are you doing these? Let it be with a cheerful heart and not grudgingly because God loves a cheerful giver.

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LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: Devotion for Friday September 2, 2016

Beloved in Christ, we should understand that most of our behavioural traits are transferable. Therefore, as parents, we should be wise to ask God to deliver us from any trait in us that is not godly. Do you have a bad behaviour like anger, hatred, greed, pride, etc? Please ask God to deliver you out of it. Moses lived 120 years and used it to labour for his people. Because of anger, he was not part of the climax of his labour. This was very unfortunate.

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SUBMIT TO ONE ANOTHER: Devotion for Wednesday August 31, 2016

SUBMIT TO ONE ANOTHER: Devotion for Wednesday August 31, 2016 Text: Ephesians 5:21 – 33         Memory verse: Ephesians 5:21 Submitting to another person is an often misunderstood concept. I witness a counseling of an intending couple. The priest counseling them laid so much emphasis on the woman submitting to the …

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AWAKE FROM SLEEP: Devotion for Tuesday August 30, 2016

AWAKE FROM SLEEP: Devotion for Tuesday August 30, 2016 Text: Ephesians 5:12 – 20       Memory verse: Ephesians 5:14 Paul teaches us here that as Christians, we should stand for the truth and we shouldn’t get caught up in gossip about the shameful actions of sinful people (Ephesians 5:12). The need …

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