PERHAPS GOD PERMITTED IT: Devotion for Thursday September 15, 2016

From this conversation, it is obvious that Satan is (1:7) is real and active on earth. This knowledge about Satan and his limitations should cause us to remain close to the Almighty God who is greater than Satan. This conversation teaches us that some of the things we pass through in life may have been permitted by God. What are you suffering now? Is it sickness, lack of different kinds, business collapsing, retrenchment, death of a benefactor, etc? Maybe God permitted it.

PATROLLING THE EARTH: Devotion for Wednesday September 14, 2016

Satan is called the enemy because he actively and constantly looks for people to attack through temptation (1 Pet. 5:8, 9). Again, because he had lost out in heaven, he wants to make people hate God by discrediting Him. He does this through lies and deception (Gen. 3:1-6). It is for this reason; he patrols the earth looking for people who are vulnerable. Job, a blameless and upright man who had been greatly blessed, was a perfect target for Satan. Thus God questioned Satan about Job and of course he had an answer.

WHAT IS YOUR TESTIMONY? Devotion for Monday September 12, 2016

Beloved, what is your testimony? It was not Job that wrote this. It was written by someone else hence the use of the phrase; were born to him and not born to me. What can people say about you? Do you desire to do the will of God and walk in His statues? You should be exact and consistent in all your dealings with men; someone who has no blame in your transaction with men. God demands us to be godly in all we do.

WHEN YOU WAY PLEASES GOD: Devotion for Saturday September 10, 2016

When God’s influence in our lives attracts people; even enemies, we must take the opportunity to reach out to them with God’s love. Insisting on wrongs done to us can never bring God’s blessing upon us. Those that God has blessed and favoured have enough reason to forgive those that hate them, since they cannot do them any real harm. Are you willing to forgive those who offended you?

GOD UNDERSTANDS OUR PLIGHT: Devotion for Friday September 9, 2016

GOD UNDERSTANDS OUR PLIGHT: Devotion for Friday September 9, 2016 Text: Genesis 26: 24, 25               Memory verse: Genesis 26:24 Most times all we need to overcome the problems of life we pass through is just someone to encourage us; someone to hold our hands or someone we can lay our heads on. Sometimes we don’t …

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A MANIFESTO NIGHT: Devotion for Wednesday September 7, 2016

During campaigns into some offices like spiritual, traditional or political, people make so many promises. The present manifestos that can move people easily to accept them. On the other hand, many aspire for positions just for selfish reasons. It is pertinent to ask this question to those aspiring to be in different office. What is your agenda/manifesto for contesting to be a bishop, a Local Government Chairman, Governor, President or whatever position you are aspiring for? Are you aspiring for the good of the people or for selfish interest?