Beware of Your Personal Assistant: Devotion for Tuesday August 11, 2020


Devotion for Tuesday August 11, 2020

Topic: Beware of Your Personal Assistants       

Text: Numbers 11:24 – 30                               

Mark 10:38 says, “Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked those who brought them.” In verse 14, Jesus saw it and was greatly displeased. His disciples were the ones that stood against the children who came to Jesus.

Here Joshua who was personal assistant to Moses was jealous that Eldad and Medad were prophesying in the camp. Joshua seems to have thought that, in remaining behind they had been guilty of disrespect towards Moses.  But Moses rejoiced in every gift of God’s Spirit, though some irregularity might be connected with it.

This incident is similar to a story told in Mark 9:38-41 (Luke 9:49 – 50). The disciples wanted Jesus to forbid others to drive out demons because they were not part of the disciples’ group. But this type of narrow attitude was condemned by both Moses and Jesus.

Beloved, beware of putting limits on God; He can work through whomever He chooses. This act of limiting God on who to use is common among Christians today. When someone who is not a member of our church or fellowship is being used by God, we ridicule it immediately. You don’t choose for God whom to use. He can use anyone to work out His purpose when there is no vessel available for Him to use.

Those in leadership position should be wary of their personal assistants who stop people arbitrarily from coming to them or give wrong information to the public about you. A true leader should be available to the people he or she is leading.

Food for Thought: God is never limited in His dealing with us.

Memory verse: Numbers 11:28

Prayer: Lord, grant unto all the people in position of authority wisdom to handle weaknesses of their assistants in Jesus name.

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