Be Strong and Courageous

My Daily Covenant with God Devotional

Devotion for Sunday January 20, 2019

Topic: Be Strong and Courageous

Text: Joshua 1:1 – 9

In our bible reading for the day, God used the phrase “Be strong and of good courage,” 3 times in verses 6, 7 and 9. God used this phrase because that was the area of Joshua’s strength but he seems not to have understood that hence the emphasis from God on the phrase. God wanted Joshua to understand that He is with him and has empowered him to lead Israel into the Promised Land.

Joshua, though a person of great courage and resolution, had severally proved that he was, yet needs these exhortations. The reason is that his work was great, difficult, and in a great measure new to him. Again he needed the exhortation because he had a very mean opinion of himself, especially in comparison with Moses; and remembering how perverse and ungovernable that people were, even under Moses, he might very well suspect the burden of ruling them would be too heavy for him.

Most times it is in the area of our strength that devil brings fear to intimidate us. Joshua knew that he has the charisma, character and ability to lead the people yet, he was reluctant and unwilling. In the days of Gideon, he was afraid of the people of Medians even when he had the power already; that made the angel of the Lord to urge him to go in that strength. What are the areas of your strength? Are you using them to its full potential or you are waiting for God to emphasis on them? Now is the opportunity you have to use it and to use it well. Do not procrastinate about it nor undermine the power God has bestowed upon you.

Food for Thought: Most times devil intimidates or tempts us based on our strength.

Memory verse: Joshua 1:9

Prayer: Help me O Lord, to recognise my strength and use it for your glory in Jesus name. Amen.

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