Be Generous In Victory: Devotion for Tuesday May 26, 2020



Devotion for Tuesday May 26, 2020

Topic: Be Generous In Victory                                  

Text: 1 Samuel 30:21 – 26                           

A good leader is always generous and magnanimous in victory. He/she does take all. He reaches out to the opposition and tries so much to reconcile aggrieved parties. This was what David did as we have in our text for the day. He used his authority to over-rule the submission of some of “the wicked and worthless men” who went with him as they pursued the Amalekites (30:22, 23).

He managed the situation with all sweetness, though they were such wicked and unreasonable men, he called them brethren; not only as of the same nation and religion with him, but as his fellow-soldiers. He admonished them to be magnanimous with what God has provided because it didn’t come out of sheer hard work but the mercies of God.

There are two major lessons we should learn in this our text.

1. We shouldn’t unkindly and injuriously withhold from our brethren whatever God has freely given or imparted to us. What are the things God has freely given to you? It may be your time; your wealth, your strength, your talents, etc. They are gifts that should be used for the God and humanity. You shouldn’t brag with them or hoard them from use in your neighbourhood, office, church and the society at large.

2. Secondly, as leaders in whatever capacity we find ourselves, we should manage the behaviours of all under us in such a way that there will be peace always. David managed the anger of some of these “the wicked and worthless men.” This should be a challenge to us who are leaders in the home, office, school or wherever God has placed us.

Food for Thought: Being magnanimous with what God has given freely to us is a sign that we are grateful to Him.

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 30:23    

Prayer: Our father in heaven, help to be magnanimous with what you have given freely to me.

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