Assured Solidarity: Devotion for Wednesday July 8, 2020


Devotion for Wednesday July 8, 2020

Topic: Assured Solidarity            

Text: Joshua 1:16 – 18                                     

Usually, when God is at the centre of any movement, it easily receives solidarity and support of the people. There is no need to coax or intimidate people into doing what is right and appropriate. This was the case here in our bible passage for the day.

The people of Israel after hearing the message from Joshua were moved in their hearts which led to their response in bible reading for today. They agreed to obey Joshua. Their response was that whatever you command us to do, we will readily do, without murmuring or disputing. Again wherever you send us, we will go. These were assuring words to Joshua as he takes over the mantle of leadership from Moses.

They promised Joshua obedience (Joshua 1:16), they prayed for God’s presence with him (Joshua 1:17), they pass an act to make it death penalty for any Israelite to disobey Joshua’s orders, or rebel against his commandment and they inspired him to go on with cheerfulness in the work to which God had called him; and, in desiring that, he should be strong and of good courage as God admonished him earlier.

How much solidarity do you give to your leaders, your pastors and teachers of the gospel? Do you support their motions for evangelism, revival, etc. in church meetings or you are there to oppose every move whether good or bad simply because you don’t love the Pastor? The work of God cannot progress where there are rancor and disagreement. We should always work as a team for that is the desire of God (John 17:11, 22)

Food for Thought: How much solidarity do you give to your leaders in the society and the church?

Memory verse: Joshua 1:16            

Prayer: Lord God, may I never be a clog in the wheel of progress in your church in Jesus name.

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