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TABUGBO MORGAN UZOMA: Born on May 31, 1967, Tabugbo Morgan a born again Christian was made a deacon of Anglican Diocese of Asaba, Church of Nigeria on 27th June 1999. He was ordained a priest in 2000. He is a spiritual and marital counsellor, a blogger, author of books and many unpublished articles.

He is a teacher of the word of God with zest and insight. He is the author of ‘MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD’ – A daily devotional in partnership with his wife. He has great passion for laying good foundation for marital life hence his Foundation for Blissful Marriage/Ask the Marriage Counsellor. He loves reading and writing.

Tabugbo is a commentator on social issues. His love for social services led him to initiate Delta State Kidney Care Association (A non-governmental Organization) aimed at creating awareness about care for kidney and he is the current secretary of that Association. He is a member of BOT Anioma Voice Worldwide Foundation.

Presently, he is the Chaplain/Coordinator of programmes Anglican Diocese of Asaba Elderly Care Ministry whose mandate is to care for all elderly people within the Diocese who are above 70 years of age. Outside My Daily Covenant with God which is an annual publication, Tabugbo and Chimdifu have published other books like;

Tabugbo Uzoma Publications is an off shoot of My Daily Covenant with God devotional which was born out of divine inspiration from God. I was sad over the circumstances about my life when God spoke to me that I can make something out of my sickness-battered life and become relevant to my generation. As I was thinking about all that I have passed through in life, I picked a book in my shelf, ‘Great lives and Great deeds” where I read about Helen Keller who was normal until 18 months old. Then she had malaria which eventually made her deaf, dumb and blind but later in her life, she became well known in her time in a positive way.

It then dawned on me that I can do something with my life. I decided to write books that will affect people and restore hope to those who are hopeless. I gave the idea to my wife and that was how we started My Daily Covenant with God which eventually became our 3rd publication. I was in a mid-week service when God gave me the name of the devotional.

He said “My promises are covenant with my people. Anyone who wants to benefit from my promises should enter into covenant with me through my beloved son, Jesus Christ.” That project brought out our writing ministry. We believe that God who initiated this work will use it to draw souls that have wandered away back to Him. It is our prayer that it will encourage many to hold on to the things eternal, not allowing the plethora of problems of this age to draw them away from their faith.

 PRISCA CHIMDIFU: Mrs Prisca Chimdifu Ozo Uzoma is married to Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma, a priest in Anglican Communion. She has her Higher National Diploma (HND) in Secretarial Administration; post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Public Administration. Presently, she is an employee of Federal College of Education (Technical), Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria.

She is a Co–Director of “Rosepris Bridals” an outfit that undertakes Event Planning and all that go with ceremonies. She is also the Manager Zaram World Asaba (Photo & Video Studio/office) and a video editor. By God’s special grace she is a practicing Christian who believes in God’s unfailing grace and faithfulness, and for many years has lived a fulfilled Christian life. She is a marriage counsellor with specialization in pre-marital counselling, a caterer, one who is passionate about totality of the womanhood and an advocate against oppression of women in our society. She is loves humanity. With her experience as priest’s wife and a career public servant, she has developed interest in seeking for welfare of widows and abandoned single mothers.

Zaram World Services – Photography and Video Services: This is a pet project of Tabugbo & Prisca. With 34years experience in photography Tabugbo is running a photo studio/video services that gives customers a great memory to cherish.  Are you in need of all forms of photographic and video services for all occasions, you can call them and they will give a memory to cherish.

THE BATTLE FOR LIFE – How wife gave all to save husband and THE KEY TO BLISSFUL MARRIAGE. Tabugbo has published MY RISE TO LEGENDARY STATUS – A fable used to teach the concept of G.R.I.P. with the aim of bringing out the best in us and BASIC ISSUES AND CHALLENGES BEFORE CHRISTIANS in hard copy and soft copy at He is happily married to Prisca Chimdifu Uzoma (Nee Nwabuokei) and they are blessed with Chimzaram Jewel.

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