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One of the greatest things you can do to improve your life and live meaningfully is to read good books, biographies of people that inspire you in life, inspirational and motivational articles every day of your life. Reading books have changed a lot in my life and anyone that crosses my way; I always encourage same to read good books.

Thus this website offers diverse inspiring and motivational teachings ranging from Daily Insight, Christian Articles, Women’s World, Devotionals, How to build a second income and teachings from our inspirational and motivational book, MY RISE TO LEGENDARY STATUS – A fable teaching the concept of G.R.I.P. The acronym G.R.I.P. means being Genuine, Resourceful, Ingenuity and Principled.

The Christian Articles also contains devotional which we have published for 8 years now. We also offer Marriage Tips and Counselling with special emphasis on Pre-marital Counselling.

Let me emphasis that one of our greatest assets you will find very useful in this website is the Daily Insight. Our aim in the Daily Insight is to challenge our readers and visitors to this site on how best to use their talents and live meaningfully. It is also inspirational, educating and motivating.

We are now in our 20th year in the ordained ministry. We have brought our faith and experiences to bear in some of our Christian articles that will help you draw closer to God. Don’t miss this opportunity.

We have added some of the services we offer the public because we believe that through such means, we will have some mean of carrying out our Charity and Care Ministry. As the Chaplain of Elderly Care Ministry, Tabugbo and Chimdifu have developed unwavering commitment in helping people in need especially the indigent people around them.

As you go through our website, we will love to get your feedback and comments on our blog and services. They will go a long way in helping us to improve and service the society better.

Once again, we welcome you to our website. We assure you that you will surely have something to cherish here.

God bless you!



I was having difficulty in dealing with depression, regret and stagnation. I could not reach my dreams, my goals and my aspirations in life, but since I had an encounter with this great teacher of God's word and motivator in one of his seminars, a lot had actually improved in my spiritual life and in my mental attitude to life. Thank you Canon and Mrs Tabugbo.
Godwin Egbuche
Fashion designer
When i broke up in my relationship, and lost my Job almost at the same period, I thought it was over for me, until I met Canon Tabugbo who guided me through life from his book, MY RISE TO LEGENDARY STATUS until I found my feet again. Today I am free from depression and I am happily married now. Thank you Sir .
Joy Ehibor
Before now, I was finding it difficult staying in a relationship. I also had a stigmatization issue by the virtue of my past that hunted me over time. But when I came in contact with Canon Tabugbo, I embraced a new life by what I have learnt form the words of wisdom in this servant of God. I want to stay a big thank you! You are indeed a big inspiration to our generation.
Nancy Okeke